Flights and beauty # 1

Looking at the Hollywood beauties, the photos of which are made immediately after the airfare, many women are surprising, and sometimes envy. How do stars manage to look fresh and rested after a few hours travel in the aircraft? After all, those who are forced to overcome the space in this way, know that after 2-3 hours of flight the skin becomes noticeably land, the feeling of the depths appears.

The negative influence of air travel on the state of the skin, nails, hair and the body as a whole also speaks scientists. Dry air and permanent operation of air conditioners lead to the fact that the content of air humidity in the aircraft cabin after 6 hours of flight 20% lower than the required norm. This is equivalent to the transition through the desert. The body at an altitude of several thousand kilometers is dehydrated 17 times faster than it happens on Earth.

With prolonged flights, it is also recommended to use moisturizing masks. It is most convenient to make tissue. Their advantages, in addition to high efficiency, are also concluded that they do not require washing before and after, do not pack clothes and hands, compact. Such a manipulation does not cause the perplexity of the rest of the passengers, because such a mask looks like a napkin attached to the face.

However, the chances of saving their beauty and support the body is still available. To do this, it suffices to follow several rules.

How to protect yourself from dehydration?

1. Drink a lot of water. Already before planting a plane, it is recommended to use 1 liter of mineral water, continuing to drink it with small sips during the flight. Refuse tea, coffee, alcohol and smoking at the time of flight, as well as 2-3 hours before and after it.

2. Prefer the lightweight food of plant origin, which is complement from the steak or tuna. Do not overeat!

3. Select light, not tight clothing and shoes. If a long flight is planned, grab the slippers in which you pass, stepping on board.

4. Try at least once an hour to perform "walks" on the salon. Even if you do not need to visit the toilet, go all the same in its direction. Movements, as you know, fill organs and tissues with oxygen, improving their functioning. Light self-massage, physical attacks, shoulders, shoulders, spin, neck, also shown.

Face care

For the skin of a person, which is characterized by greater sensitivity and a smaller subcutaneous layer compared to other parts of the body, the airfare is a real stress.