Oct 12

Playing poker online ainlt easy. There are many variables that you need to keep track. The most important thing is to have good, up-to-date info on how the other guys play at every situation. Imagine how getting the proper information in every different game type can affect your bottom line! I know you might not end up using all of these… but trust me, it’s a serious confidence booster to have the perfect HUD for even the games you rarely play!  

Ok, no awards… but if they gave out awards for pop ups, these would win!

Each HUD comes with it’s own set of fully customized pop ups. I’ve included a video that shows you how to switch them around and move your favorite pop ups to any HUD. In addition to numerous fully customized pop ups, you’ll get my exclusive Table View Pop Up which displays positional stats on a table overlay! These pop ups make it a breeze to see betting patterns by position, something you may have missed using standard pop ups!

These logically organized pop ups will help you play faster and with more confidence, allowing you to spend your time on tough decisions rather than searching for information.

You can buy these HUDs from my main site, but you’ll be shelling out $153.00 to get them all individually. No joke. Think about it like this, there are a lot of things you can do for yourself which you choose not to do. You don’t enjoy doing it, someone else can do it cheaper, or someone else can do it better.

Who wants to do painstaking research to find proper color ranges, lay out multiple panels in a logical order, and spend hours designing pop up panels, and then repeat the entire process for different game types?

This package will save you some serious time, time that’s better spent playing poker than developing HUDs. I guarantee these will be the best HUDs you have ever used. That’s right, guarantee. I don’t throw the word “guarantee” around loosely. When I say it, I mean it! If you end up purchasing this package and you don’t feel you’ve gotten your money’s worth, send me an email and I’ll send you a refund. No hassle. No waiting. NO RISK. Now that’s EV. You’re already getting a collection of super powerful Hand2Note poker HUD, now I’ll teach you how to use them in The Ultimate Poker HUD Guide. It’s the only guide available that teaches you how to squeeze maximum profit out of your HUD.

The real value of this package comes when you combine these two incredibly effective tools. These two products give you a full set of premium HUDs for every Holdem game type, plus a thorough guide covering the techniques used to boost your profits!

The e-Book has been released as a stand-alone product for $39.00 by itself. And remember, all of this is covered by my 100% money-back guarantee. With this offer, you truly can’t lose! Even if you get just one good piece of advice out of my 100 page e-Book, wouldn’t that provide a ton of value?

Think about it.

If that one piece of advice only applies to a situation you see… say once a week, what could it be worth? I’ll be super conservative here. Let’s say this one situation nets you $20 in extra profit per week. That’s $1,040 for the year!

Now what if the tools and advice in this package helps increase your win rate by a tiny ½ of a big blind per 100 hands? For the average low stakes player who grinds part-time 5 days a week, that can come out to an increase of around $2,500 in yearly profit!

The question isn’t what it costs, it’s what it will cost if you DON’T take this offer.

Maybe you have questions that aren’t covered in the eBook. No problem. You see, you’re not just purchasing an awesome set of HUDs and a powerful guide to using them… My poker students pay up to $150 an hour for my services. With this package you’ll get FREE access to me. Any time you have a question regarding Hand2Note stats or HUD strategy, ship me an email! I’ll give you a complete answer as quickly as I can.

How can I commit to spending so much time with each customer? I’m completely comfortable making this offer for a couple of reasons. First off, most of the questions you have are already answered in The Ultimate Poker HUD Guide.

Second, I WANT to hear your questions so I can include the answers in the next edition of the e-Book! Which, by the way, you will receive for free. In fact, you’ll receive all major updates to both the HUD configurations and the e-Book, for free! If you haven’t cheated and scrolled down to the price yet, you’re in for a nice surprise! Remember the deal we made when you started reading this page? We said that if you agree this package could help your poker game, you’d buy it. I’ll even add a sweet little bonus – buy Hand2Note now, like right NOW and use this hand2note coupon for an extra 10% OFF. How about that?

Well, I’ve been going on and on here for a while now. I’ve covered all the aspects of this package, I think you know it will provide you value. And with a money-back guarantee, why would you not give it a chance? Buy the best poker HUD – Hand2Note – now at a special low price.