How to play in italian casinos without AAMS

The online casinos in Italy are not always the same. Many game sites cannot obtain an AAMS license in our country due to various reasons (e.g. non-compliance with security standards or non-payment of taxes). Some websites in Italy allow people to gamble or bet, but these websites are not legal. They do not have permission from the government, so they do not have to pay taxes. This means that the safety standards on these websites may be weak or missing altogether.

If you choose Unlicensed Casinos in Italy, you will find yourself exposed to some risks such as:

  • Lack of technical support.
  • Impossibility to request a withdrawal if the winnings are not paid.
  • Closure of the account without notice and confiscation of deposited funds.

Therefore, the Unlicensed Casinos in Italy are a choice to be made very carefully, looking for reliable sites that guarantee games fair play, customer service assistance, and prompt payment of winnings.

How to register an account at Unlicensed Casinos in Italy?

If you want to play online on Unlicensed Casinos in Italy, the first thing you need to do is choose the portal that best suits your needs and register an account. Of course, this type of casino cannot be found with ease; it is, therefore, necessary to focus on some elements such as games offered by different software providers; reliability and security standards adopted by the casino itself (e.g. data protection or financial transactions); customer service assistance available 24/24h (live chat and email). Once a best non aams (adm) casinos has been selected, registration can begin:

After opening a page through its browser (Chrome, Safari or Firefox), go to the “Registration” section and fill in the requested personal data. Be careful because Unlicensed Casinos in Italy do not have a verification process, so you can quickly enter false information.

Once registration is complete, the new player will receive an email to activate the account; it is crucial to use an active email address because this will be used to communicate with the casino (e.g. for withdrawals or game requests).

Verifying Your Identity

When Unlicensed Casinos in Italy are chosen, verifying the player’s identity is essential. This can be done by clicking on the “Verify” button usually located at the top of the screen, next to your username.

The verification process is straightforward and only requires documentation such as a copy of an identity document (ID card or passport) and a recent utility bill with your address visible. In addition, you may also be asked for a selfie holding your ID document; this measure is necessary to avoid fraudulent activities.

Once the documents have been uploaded and approved by customer service (usually within 24 hours), players will be able to request withdrawals and enjoy all games offered by Unlicensed Casinos in Italy.

How to sign in to Unlicensed Casinos in Italy?

Once an account has been created, players can access Unlicensed Casinos in Italy at any time by entering their username and password. The login is always done from the “Login” section, usually placed near the registration form or on a separate page (e.g. Unibet casino).

After logging in, you will need to go to “My Account” to make deposits/withdrawals or change your profile information such as email address, password, phone number etc.


Unlicensed Casinos in Italy are a trendy choice for Italian players who want to play online safely and legally. These casino websites don’t have an AAMS license to offer better bonuses and promotions. However, not all unlicensed casinos in Italy offer fair games or prompt payment of winnings. It is essential to be selective and research before choosing an unlicensed casino in Italy. One way to do this is to check the software used by the casino.