Oct 12

GB Whatsapp is an add-on or a mod for WhatsApp, developed by the person known as Mr. Hat. This mod has been inspired by WhatsApp Plus, a popular mod that was recently closed down by Facebook. This has been created to give users of WhatsApp a way to download images directly from their friends. This is done without having to go through Facebook’s website. Instead, it can be done straight from your cellphone’s browser.

GB Whatsapp

How Does GB Whatsapp Work?

The mod works by allowing users of both Facebook and Whatsapp to view their pictures from their cellphone as if they were on a desktop computer. This is done by using a gadget known as a GBWhatsApp proxy. This allows you to use a regular PC to surf the internet and use various gadgets, such as a smartphone. This has made the popular messaging app with millions of users all over the world very easy.

One of the most interesting aspects about the GB Whatsapp mod is that it gives users access to one of the most used applications, namely, the messaging app. It offers features such as video calling, image and text sharing among others. However, the main feature that makes this mod so popular is its ability to act as a microSD card reader. This allows you to add extra photos or videos onto your phone using your camera, flash drive, or via an FTP connection. This will allow you to share your images directly from your cell phone. You can also make audio calls from your phone.

How To Use GB Whatsapp?

To enable this to work, you first need to download and install the GB Whatsapp software on your cell phone. You can download GB Whatsapp from the given link as well. After this, you can activate the mod and browse through the settings. The following sections are Auto Reply and Privacy Options. If you do not want to use the auto-reply feature, you can turn off these two features and hide the following information from the public.

  • Whenever you send messages on the GB Whatsapp, it will send an automated response back to the person. This response can be seen by the attached photo and text. You can change the content that you want to present by modifying the text and photo. The number of images that can be displayed depends on the amount of space available on the user’s phone
  • The second section of the mod app works along with the messaging app and shows the name and contacts of the sender. When you activate the mod, it will automatically save all of the contacts that are in the user’s contact list. This section also includes the email addresses of all of the contacts. When you switch to another contact, you can click on “show all” to bring up all of the people who are listed in your contact list.
  • The third section of the mod brings up a screen where the person has to tap on the button for adding friends. He can select any contact to add, which will then update the BBWhatsapp’s information with that person’s newest id. The second tick in the second column displays the last seen information if you have previously viewed someone’s profile. To hide the blue tick, the user just has to tap on “hide tick”.


There are other apps in the marketplace that claim to work along with GB Whatsapp. However, none of them have been able to integrate as seamlessly as GB Whatsapp.