Oct 12


Gears of War 4 is the first numbered installment in the series (excluding the reissue of the original GoW ) not made by Desura Online Games. The development is handled by the relatively young The Coalition. The ambitions of the new creators are not so great as to decide on some kind of revolution in the gameplay and offer the public a “non-standard” vision – the developers immediately set a course for the continuation of the glorious work of the fathers of the series.

We tried out the beta version of GoW4 and we responsibly declare that the multiplayer of the fourth part really feels like a traditional Gears of War. Third-person view, bloody “fatalities”, tactical gameplay – all the main components of the famous shooter are here in place. The balance of power between the teams is now five by five, and the Locust has been replaced by a StarCraft Swarm. This does not change the essence of the matter – as before, the chances of winning for each of the teams are completely equal; tactics and concerted actions here decide everything, and the principle of “rolls and cover” is ideally expressed in mechanics. In a good way.

The game looks and feels just like before. Taking into account the graphics capabilities of the Xbox One, we can say that it is generally difficult to distinguish it from its predecessors at first glance. Animations, speed of movement of characters, basic mechanics – everything is done in the spirit of the original parts.

Three modes were introduced in the beta: standard team deathmatch, co-op versus bots, and Dodgeball. In the first two, you need to exhaust the enemy team’s respawn limit. The latter stands out somewhat against their background – here the destruction of an opponent from the enemy team leads to the resurrection of the deceased from his own. This sets a completely different dynamics and intrigue: nothing can replace those moments when you, being the only survivor, knowing that the whole team is watching your game with hope, alone skillfully equalize the chances.

There will be other fun in the full version. For example, Escalation consists of six rounds, in each of which the losing side will determine which power weapon can be found next. However, this mode is not yet available, like most maps. We were presented with only three locations: Dam, Foundation and Harbor. All levels are built absolutely symmetrically and are quite extensive – there is room for tactics with flanking maneuvers.

We will receive ten cards after release. The authors plan to replenish the set with regular DLCs. The add-ons themselves will be free, but new locations will replace some of the old ones. If one of your favorite cards has been removed from the list, you will have the option to purchase it separately. The decision is controversial, but such a model will allow developers to avoid an endless list of levels.

The set of weapons is quite traditional and includes a shotgun, a rifle, a pistol and a smoke grenade. However, there were also new “guns” – for example, the grenade launcher, which launches a projectile along a parabolic trajectory, makes it easy to smoke the enemy out of cover. And this is extremely important – in the gameplay, the decisive role is played not so much by the ability of an individual player to shoot accurately, as by the coordinated actions of the whole team.

In general, one of the main goals of the developers was to provide the maximum degree of dynamics in multiplayer. Some innovations should wean you from hiding behind shelters. The Coalition has also put more emphasis on melee combat and introduced some interesting skills. So, now, when two opponents are hiding behind different sides of the same obstacle, for example a wall with a window, one of them can drag the enemy to his side and finish him off with a knife. The same procedure can be done on the move: by running up to the shelter behind which the opponent is hiding, and jumping over it, you will quickly stun the enemy. However, in both cases there is a chance to run into a counterattack – a quick reaction will allow the victim to execute the executioner himself.

For participating in multiplayer battles, players receive experience and credits, for which they are allowed to buy new “skins” for weapons and clothing. You can also speed up your progress by performing special “challenges” in the spirit of “kill seven enemies” or “earn so many points.” By the way, the authors are implementing a rating system, thanks to which you will select opponents of equal strength.

Very little is known about the single player campaign. We only know that its events will unfold twenty-five years after the final of the third part. The hero this time will be the son of Marcus Phoenix – JD. There will also be an update in the camp of enemies: as in multiplayer, in the “single” the forces of evil will be represented by Roy.

JD is not just involved in the war against Roy – he will be the first person to discover the new danger. Therefore, elements of horror await us in the gameplay. The color scheme of most of the single player campaign screenshots is dark, and the dark tones are suggestive of a revival of the atmosphere of the first game.

The fourth part will open a completely new storyline, practically unrelated to the previous Gears of War . She will surely be destined to become the foundation for many sequels and prequels. The developers claim that the game will delight both fans and newcomers – the story begins with a clean slate.

Gears of War fans will love the fourth installment. Everything here is made according to the recipe of Desura Online Games: cover, shooting, “dismemberment”. And GoW is unlikely to be the series that needs radical changes: its mechanics have already become classic, so sticking to it is a safe bet.