Oct 12

Io is a game from an experienced developer about rafts with motors and cannons.

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September – everyone started to stir! Except for schoolchildren – these fell into a morning hibernation. But the developers and everyone else returned from vacations – life began to boil. You need to run, do, negotiate, decide, settle. The cozy summer hitching is over.

Stosh, so be it. But the evening over a mug of tea has not yet been canceled. In general, a review of the next IO novelty, for which you can spend a couple of evenings or races.

This is a CraftRaft.io game, and it turned out, albeit raw, but solid and with nice finds that you can lick.

Maybe the fact is that she is far from being the first in her author’s portfolio.

Setting, iO gameplay

We have a raft at our disposal. Small at all, from one block. And around the frightening size galleons float from everything in a row and sticks. And they still shoot. But our trick is nimbleness. We swim, collect blocks – and here’s the first surprise. Something our raft is not growing. Intuitively, it seems that as soon as you have assembled a block, he will join you, but it was not. What nonsense? how to play? And the gamer’s brain, struck by bedbug thinking, immediately suggests leaving. You can go out.

And you can take a closer look and find the crafting menu. And then you realize that the developer is great! By adding the ability not only to collect all sorts of goodies on the map, but also to dispose of them, he made his game much more replayable and more interesting for those who want to add a little imagination and creativity to the ability to quickly press the keys. three evenings, understanding the advantages and disadvantages of different designs of combat rafts. I will experiment with modules and their combinations. And cut for leadership in this reservoir!

The game ultimately consists of alternating phases of construction and combat. In battle, you collect blocks, they increase the total usable area of ​​your ship, which can then be used for construction. And this changeability does not let you get bored of the monotonous process. Another plus is nice music and nice graphics.

Monetization io game

Monetization is quite modest, only small ADX for content banners in the main menu, no video pre-rolls, no mid-rolls, no rewarded ads. Unclear. After all, the gameplay is perfectly tailored for this. Especially the same crafting menu, where you could sell all sorts of unique blocks for the user’s attention.

Maybe the developer is waiting for the game to gain popularity, since even a separate domain has not yet been allocated for it.


Of the minuses, perhaps, the dynamics of the battle. It’s too random, or I don’t understand the controls.

Well, it looks like there are more bots in the game so far than real players. It’s sad. But, I think, the situation will soon improve, since the game is pleasantly different from the mass io handicrafts of recent times.

There are not enough different arenas and battle modes. Just swimming and destroying everyone can quickly get bored. Different tasks – different design features of the raft. Teams, ratings. In general, the potential for improving gameplay is great.

Despite the disadvantages, it tempts to get stuck in the game, I really want to see – which is more effective: a fast maneuverable shuttle or a heavy armored juggernaut?

This means that I will return to the game more than once, watch more ads and bring more money to the developer.

Output about io game

The feature with the ability to customize your game object and the interchangeability of different types of activities is definitely worth adopting. It improves replayability and opens up the potential for interesting monetization options.