Oct 12

The arch raising turned out to be dismembered on monolithic, complexly organized boulders of the oldest mountains that made up the upper part of the earth’s crust. Separate boulders as a result of subsequent tectonic movements of the earth’s crust on the radius of the arches dropped, while others, on the contrary, were pushed up even higher. The zone of the greatest faults of the earth’s crust in the relief has become a stepped. Raised monolithic boulders of the oldest leveling mountains turned out to be plate oils with steep slopes, and lowered monolithic boulders – interpolaphor. Lake Baikal was formed in such an interhong alumination. The height difference from the flat surfaces of the flatbed to the slope surfaces in places exceeded 2000 m. This is why the bottom of the Baikal Basin turned out to be lower than the level of the modern world ocean by more than 1280 m.

In the edge of the great faults, the processes of weathering, destruction and accumulation of rocks intensified. Flat-axle raised monolithic boulders gradually took shape into separate mountain ranges, arrays, mountain range systems, and lowered monoliths were overlapped with powerful strata of loose rocks. Moreover, the lamination of rocks in the newly developed sharp and the isotheral mountains in the zone of the great faults of the earth’s crust is in no way consistent with their forms. On them you can see the traces of ancient folding, which developed to the fault of the archway raises. The mineralogical and chemical composition of the indigenous rocks corresponds to the most ancient period of the development of our planet – Archa and Proterozoa. However, now the zone of the great faults of the earth’s crust continues its development: there are slow lowering and lifting of its parts, the terrain shudders from powerful jolts of earthquakes. Over the past millennium, terraces that indicate the presence of vertical movement of the earth’s crust were formed in the valleys of many rivers. Over the past 200 years, up to 800 earthquakes have been marked in Baikalia, some of them reached 9 points. Visiting the shores of the majestic Lake Baikal, making routes along the mountainous circular and calm plains of the Multi-mounted Kotlovin Pre-Bichalia and Transbaikalia, spending a variety of work, every time you can detect and trace the places of fault faults, shifted by verticals of monolithic boulders, highly treated with various weathering processes, as well as Many types of ancient minerals and rocks whose age is calculated billions of years. kiev.natashaescort.com/en/