Oct 12

One of the most unusual Y8 projects brought to IgroMir was the brainchild of Y8Games studio – BioMutant. It was possible to play it both at the THQ Nordic booth (where Darksiders III also flaunted ), and at a private screening for journalists, where I was invited literally an hour after the opening of the exhibition.

I must say right away that the game was not fully available. The representatives of the press were given a run according to the level that was already shown at gamescom 2018. Therefore, in this text I will not retell what we saw (there is no need for this – the gameplay video is in the public domain ), and I will try to convey the feeling of the game.

Both at the beginning of the demo and as the game progressed, the creators paid great attention to the volatility of the world. The main character is a fickle creature: on the way, he encounters various difficulties and is forced to change his body and mind in order to adapt.

Literally at the very beginning, I had to choose how the hero would look and what he would represent in terms of characteristics. According to the developers, this is one of the key decisions in the entire adventure, because my survivability, psionic abilities and how much damage I will do in melee and ranged combat directly depend on the characteristics.

I immediately had a question: is it possible to swing incorrectly or somehow spoil your character? They answered me categorically “no” and explained that as we play, we will receive change points, due to which we will be able to develop the desired characteristics or completely change our character, including with the help of all kinds of implants.

Exploring locations and understanding the combat system, I noticed that there are not very many types of enemies. For the most part, it was necessary to beat all sorts of marauding mutants of large and small sizes, and only a couple of times there were really huge monsters, one of which was the “boss” of the location. And here one could find fault with the fact that the developers were too lazy to add more various opponents to the demo version. However, fighting them is not boring. Due to the fact that several enemies are constantly attacking the main character at once, you have to actively dodge and use the entire set of weapons.

I will not talk about the effectiveness of this or that method of murder, because I myself tried to combine different ones. But I note that the battles are brisk, the character cleverly moves away from the direction of enemy attacks, and he crumbles enemies with a flurry of attacks. In the process, the screen is filled with damage numbers and opponents scattering in all directions.

In addition to the battles, the developers talked about the universe and history of Biomutant. A tree grows in the center of the world, which gives life to everyone, but because of the chaotic mutations of the fauna, creatures appear that damage the roots of this tree. If we wish to save a dying world, we have to get rid of the problem. Or you can give up this goal and do other things.

In parallel with the global catastrophe, a split occurred in the mutant society, and now two powerful tribes are fighting for power. The main character will have to choose one of the tribes – one that wants to destroy competitors, or one where they promote the unification of all species into one people. It is not yet possible to assess the potential of such a choice. The only character with whom I managed to communicate peacefully is the mechanic Gizmo: he helped the protagonist assemble a combat robot.

The main thing the developers tried to focus on was freedom of choice and movement. Players will be free to travel between locations and biomes at any time. Moreover, depending on the situation in the world at the locations, the biohazard indicator will increase, due to which the enemies become stronger and larger. Although nothing prevents the player from avoiding collisions with opponents – in BioMutant they allow you to crawl along rocks and ropes stretched between abysses, as well as use transport – large animals, balloons or even humanoid robots.

With the help of machines, you can clear the territory from huge monsters such as “boss” at the end of the location. Honestly, after I had to run on my own feet and personally dodge every blow, the gameplay in the “mech” seemed many times easier – as if I climbed into a tank, crushing small enemies at full speed. Immediately felt the impenetrability of the robot and the power of rocket salvos. Although this did not stop the “boss” from crashing the car and eating our hero (spoiler: we won anyway).

In general, the impressions from the game were positive, but no more. It can be seen that the authors are doing a small project (according to their own assurances, for 10-15 hours of completion), but there is still plenty of work ahead. Most likely, much of what was promised will not be shown to the general public soon. After all, it’s not for nothing that BioMutant’s release has been postponed until next summer.