Oct 12
The child grows up, he overstated the age of childhood and entered the adolescence. This is the most responsible age of the child, requiring close attention from parents. It is during this period that the eyes of a child for life, society, relationship between people are formed. During this period, it comes a fracture in the formation of the nature of the child. He begins to analyze adult acts and draw his conclusions.

During the execution period, the importance of personal lookup of parents in the education of the child is increasing. He completely starts copying his parents while at school, at a meeting with friends. Therefore, parents in no way should discuss adults in the presence of a child, try to avoid their labor duties in some way, to help each other in domestic affairs.

The big trace in the education of the child at this age is the relationship between parents. Nothing hurts the child’s soul like rudeness in relationships between parents, attempts to deceive each other. A negative trace in the soul of the child remains and because in the house a full-awake owner is one of the parents, and the second does not have the right to vote. The relationship between parents should be built, only on the basis of mutual respect for each other. Decisions, for any questions, must be taken jointly, it is not necessary to be afraid that disputes will occur during the development of the decision, not swearing, and disputes between parents.

It is important during this period not to push the child from ourselves. It should actively participate in home affairs. To be present at all events held by parents, skiing, tourist hiking, ride fishing and so on. It is necessary to charge the child as much as possible, something to do something alone. To trust him more. At this age period, you need to teach the child correctly to handle money. In private conversations, adults must explain to him what money is and how they are earned.

In the period of adolescence, children are first faced with feelings arising in relationship between girls and boys. It is important not to miss this moment and help the child to understand these feelings, comprehend them and treat them as a natural course of events.

We must not forget about consolidation in a child a sense of respect for the older generation. If there are grandparents, then you need to introduce the child to the child to visit Grandparents and help them in solving economic issues.

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