Oct 12

Webinar Software is the heart of every successful online business. It is what makes your event live up to its potential and allows you to reach out to more people with less effort. There are several different kinds of webinar platforms available today, but not all are created equal. Here are some things to look for when choosing a webinar software solution.

Webinar Software App

Webinar Software and Streaming 

The first thing that most webinar software vendors will show you as an option is streaming. Streaming webinars allow your attendees to be connected right to your computer when the webinar begins. This reduces the overall costs associated with having to use a projector or other similar medium to view your webinars. There are different technologies that allow you to stream your webinars, but for the sake of this article, I recommend one that is easy to use. There are dozens of different free webinar platforms out there today, so take advantage of this by scouring the web for potential solutions. Search “free webinar platforms”, and you’ll find dozens of results.

Features That Help You Choose The Webinar Software

Once you have a list of possible webinar software options, make sure that they support your level of experience and are easy to use. Webinars which require participants to have extensive experience in your industry can often be very difficult to manage and run. Look for a webinar software solution that includes user registration so that it is simple for the average webinar participant to log in and manage their webinars. You should also look for webinar platforms that provide easy-to-use administration panels and customizable features.

Webinar softwares are flexible

In addition to ease of use, consider how flexible your webinar software platform is. If you are planning on holding a number of webinars, consider configuring each of them to automatically download and play to your audience’s servers. In addition, consider hosting your webinars in multiple locations if you plan on expanding your business. It is much easier to schedule future events with more locations than coordinate an all-inclusive presentation across multiple locations.

Designed to meet your goals

Once you have selected the type of webinar software you are comfortable with, it’s time to create the webinar. It is best to have a clear and concise goal or theme for the entire webinar, which will guide you throughout the event. This does not have to be set in stone, but it should be specified in your webinar agreement. The webinar’s goal should be to provide your audience with a clear overview of what is to come at the end of the presentation.

Availability of editing options 

Many webinar platforms will automatically begin playing the audio portion of the presentation upon their completion. Others allow you to select the exact start time of the video and audio streams. If you wish to customize your presentation, there are a variety of screen capture functions available within most webinar software that can help you accomplish this. You can also insert graphics and photos into your presentations, although these are not recommended unless they add a level of interactivity to the experience. If you decide to include graphics and photos in your webinar presentation, it is important to ensure that your images will load quickly.

Automatic Feedback availability

Another option that many webinar hosts offer is automated feedback. This allows you to receive feedback from attendees throughout the presentation to make any changes that may be necessary to serve their needs better. Most webinar hosts will provide a feedback button or link, which can be activated during the presentation to collect user inputs and provide them with further information. Using an automated feedback tool will help you generate valuable content, which will be useful in your future webinars.


Overall, webinar software has a lot to offer when it comes to facilitating online presentations. If you have never used webinar tools before, you are in for a real treat. These programs are fun to use and affordable to create and deliver content for your events. You’ll be glad that you took the time to explore all the different possibilities.