Oct 12

To professionals with high qualifications – yes

It would seem that if you are already a recognized master of his craft, the fame of you is ahead of the entire planet. And that means you don’t need a cheap resume. In fact, on the contrary. You’re just desirable to have a qualitatively composed “professional business card”. Indicate the work experience in descending order, make a detailed description of the job duties and the position held. Use the rules of resume writing, if you want to get noticed.

Lawyers, accountants, engineers, yes.

If your job requires some knowledge and experience, don’t be lazy to take the time to write a resume. Describe your skills, specify your qualifications. When an employer is looking for a highly specialized specialist in a particular area related to finance or the technicalities of manufacturing, it is important to know how much experience you have, and whether you will have to retrain.

Medics, massage therapists, health care professionals – 50/50

If your job is difficult to describe in terms of experience and skills, it is better to demonstrate qualifications by another method. Recommendations from previous jobs and a competent cover letter will say more about you than a dry listing of positions and responsibilities in a boilerplate form.

For people in the creative professions, no rather than yes.

If you are applying for a job as a designer, copywriter, journalist, hairdresser, etc., the description of your previous workplace matters, but not as much as your abilities and talent. So in your case you should focus on a cover letter and a portfolio (and it’s good if you have one). A resume, of course, is also a good idea, but try to describe your experience and skills in more detail than the positions and names of the companies you have worked for (if they are not world-renowned companies).