Oct 12
Humanity has already heard about what global catastrophes can occur on our planet, and at the same time few people seriously think about these things. The film "Earth 2100" is watch online for free in good quality 720 which you can on this site tells that it can happen to our world when the next line of centuries will come. The storyteller is here the main heroine, so it is from Lucy who was born in 2009, we learn how the planet will look like in 2100, which she managed to live. <br />
During 2015, the girl’s family moved from a quiet suburbs to the city of Miami. A few months after moving, a terrible hurricane hit this place. But the girl survived and continued his normal life. She became an adult and married, after which she moved to San Diego, and when the new family had a daughter, they were all moved to New York. All this time, Lucy noticed how various cataclysms occur in the country, changing the appearance of a friend of our world. <br />
In particular, this affected the climate. On the entire planet, global warming progresses, so many people begin to notice that the global catastrophe may soon really come. By 2100, the Earth should drastically change its appearance, so that the little ones will be able to find out exactly how it will look at that time. <br /> kiev.natashaescort.com/de/3fa378df85a8b6c1461a6c1cf50ca387